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Hot Rod Plumbing and Heating clears any issue arising from or plugging up your kitchen sink. We protect all floors, cabinets, doors and make sure the work site is completely clean once your kitchen drain is clear and our work is done.

We also supply effective and environmentally-safe maintenance solutions to keep your drain clear for the long haul.

You won’t have to worry about drainage issues happening any time in the near future.

CCTV Sewer inspection And Pipe location

Hot Rod Plumbing & Heating Is Your First Choice For CCTV Video Pipe Inspection In Calgary and surrounding area.

Hot Rod’s High Definition, portable video inspection and location equipment can quickly and accurately diagnose even the most elusive issue with your building drainage system. Our equipment is weather proof, doesn’t require a power source and you will have a video uploaded the same day or we can provide a USB recording on site at a minimal charge. We know we have the best service and our price is unbeatable. 

Here are just some of our most requested CCTV Video Services in Calgary. 

  • Realtor / Home Buyer Sewer Inspection.
  • Damaged Sewer Diagnostic Services.
  • Back Water Valve Location And Service.
  • Basement Renovation Pipe Location.
  • Bad Toilet Clogs.
  • Root Intrusion in Sewer.
  • Floor Drain Back Up.
  • Multi Family / Property Maintenance

Just to Name A Few!


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